Dance in the rain

——life isn't about how to live through the storm,

but how to dance in the rain.

——when it begans to rain,let's sing and dance.

just the right place

your heart sleep deeply

and you can go far

with out thinking about it

when the heavy storm on the way

when the cold rain hit your window

when a grey heaven covered the grey yard

you feel lonely

but hug your pillow tightly

you can't sleep soudly any longer

you can't know what life it is

you are sure world is grey

with out your heart be with you

anpple testes like candy

what a shame!

but life shouldn't be like this

it'time to dance

it'time to weep your tears

whatever may happen

tomorrow promise you a bright sun

it'time to sing

it'time to listen

your heart have a good voice

oh,please believe it

there will be a blue sky

there will be green trees

and sweet flowers

as long as you keep dancing

your songs flood with cheer

oh,please listen ?

a warm rain is coming.


Xuan yi lee

Tan wei